GIIM-HEG believes in collaboration and quality content.  The GIIM-HEG certificates are developed to International standards and that is why we have over 60 University affiliations in the US and globally.  We would like the opportunity to work with your esteemed Institution.

Our certificates are generally developed to be at Masters' degree level.  However, we do also have partners who include our courses into their degree level.  We would like to have your University include our courses into preferably the Masters' level or the Bachelors degree.

Why consider GIIM-HEG Courses?

  1. Depth                :- The content is developed with current best practices in mind.  That means that learners will learn alot from our courses and be forced to rise to a higher level of competency.
  2. Recognition       :-.The content is already recognised by over 60 GIIM-HEG Affiliate Universities in the US and globally.
  3. Faculty              :- GIIM-HEG content is administered on campus in the US for the Masters qualification by GIIM-HEG Faculty from the top US Universities.
  4. Content             :- GIIM-HEG content is standardised across the globe.  That means the content offered at the US Universities or the European Universities, will be the same as those offered in Asia.
  5. Professional      :- GIIM-HEG certificates are globally recognised.  Graduates will also awarded ICCP Certification, a  global mark a graduate's professional standard in the industry.  Learners can use the GIIM-HEG and ICCP certification to apply for professional O-1 US Visa.   The GIIM-HEG certificate along with the ICCP certification, is recognised by US Dept of Immigration.

What are we offering to do with your University?                    

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We would like your Institution to consider including our courses in your qualifications.  Our courses are offered in asychronous online as well as blended modes. 

 In the online mode, learners take our courses under self learning hours.  Each course requires up to 30 hours of self learning time and learners need to complete an online assessment to complete the course.  Total learning time required 30 hours. 

In the blended mode, learners take our courses under self learning hours and guided learning hours.  Each course requires up to 30 hours of self learning time + 10 hours of face to face guided learning time handled by local faculty.  GIIM-HEG will assist local faculty with guidance to facilitate the face to face sessions.  Total learning time required 40 hours.

Each GIIM-HEG Certificate consists of 4 courses.  Total learning time up to 160 learning hours.

How can we value add to your University?

  1. Content - We can provide the platform for learners to immediately log in and take courses.  There is no additional work required by the University partner.  Our current partners use 5 GIIM-HEG courses at the Masters level.  At degree level, 4 courses.
  2. Reduce Workload - Universities can redeploy teaching resources towards other areas e.g. research etc.
  3. Reduce Cost - By using our online platform, the University can lower teaching and resource costs.
  4. Quality Assurance - Tthe content is already offered at Masters' level by over 60 GIIM-HEG Affiliate US & International Universities, .
  5. Marketability - GIIM-HEG courses have international certification and recognition which increases the marketability of the Universities' programs.
  6. Partner Incentive - GIIM-HEG offer partner incentive to assist partners their marketing efforts.
  7. US University link up - GIIM-HEG can assist to arrange US University link up.



While the 5 courses will be part of the MBA only the first 4 are required for the ICCP Certification; so candidates get the MBA, Certificate from us and the Certification from ICCP. 

Here's a 10-minute video on Business IT Leadership  by HEG-GIIM HD, International IT Academics Director - Dr. Jerry Luftman 

  1. Managing IT Resources
  2. Strategic Issues in IT
  3. Managing Emerging Information Technology
  4. Leadership (Business-IT) 
  5. IT Project Management 

We can work with your University's faculty to apply a similar structure.  

We can also work out the content at the Undergraduate qualification level to offer a GIIM-HEG Certificate and ICCP Certification.

If there is a requirement for GIIM-HEG courses taught by our US Faculty,  please email us.

For More Information, please email cpd@hillseducation.com.  Thank you.

What We Do

1.  Student Advisory

2.  Content / Program Development

3.  CPD or Corporate / TVET Training

4.  International Partnership Consultancy 

5.  GIIM-HEG Certificate (wth ICCP Certification) + 32 IT & Management Programs 

5.  Degree / International Programs

6.  E-Learning Programs

7.  The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation

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Hills Education Group is equipped to deliver quality education and training projects to meet every organization's needs. 





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