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IT Security is a very important area for training and development as cyber threats are not just limited to external threats but to internal threats as well.  That is why HEG is focused on delivering only the best content in IT Security in both content formats:

We offer Corporate and Universities the possibility to offer the certificate programs independently or as part of a full qualification (E.g. MBA) to staff and students locally.  With our flexible learning options, learners can determine the best way to obtain a qualifiication at their convenience. 

Learners can also do their MBA in IT at US & Global Universities through HEG by completing the GIIM-HEG Leadership in IT Certificate Program which is a mini-MBA by itself. 

To find out more about the GIIM-HEG Certificates, please click here or email us at cpd@hillseducation.com .


(Offered by HEG Exclusively throughout South East Asia in Collaboration with faculty from Washington State University (US))

Ever wondered if you are getting the best of your staff and graduates?  Most hospitality training programs focus on the theory aspects.  At HEG we respect that theory is important, however getting situations to apply theories in a simulated working environment is equally important.  The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation is a simulation used for hotel business management training and analysis. It is designed to help participants to develop problem identification, problem prioritizing, and problem solving skills; specifically the development of skills to understand and apply the cause and effect relationships between performance measures (effects) and their causes. It is also designed to enable participants to develop team building and teamwork skills by making participants act as a member of hotel management team.

To find out how you can run this training program for your hotel or University, please email us at cpd@hillseducation.com .


ProCalV5 / ProCal Direct / e-View (Offered in Southeast Asia & Exclusively in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam by Hills Education Group )

Setting New Standards for Quality Management Systems

ProCalV5 will manage all critical asset data across any industry. Such items include, but are not limited to Manufacturer, Model #, Serial #, Responsible Technicians, Associated Vendor details and much more. ProCalV5’s flexibility allows the user to manage not only asset information, but add an unlimited number of additional unique fields to their records, as well as re-label the existing fields to meet their business terminology. ProCalV5 will automatically calculate calibration and maintenance item due dates according to user defined intervals. Users can set the calibration frequency to any number days, months or years and define how they want the due date calculated. When a passing result is entered, by default the due date will automatically be rolled forward according to the user defined intervals.

  • Powerful administrative features to control workflow & user access rights
  • Validated & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle versions
  • Establish unique, autonomous accounts
  • Provides global manager & QA oversight over all accounts
  • Create hierarchal associations within each account for systems, loops, equipment & instruments
  • Automatic reminders, warnings and alerts
  • Change control and e-signature approval routings
  • Authorized users can change field labels and add an unlimited number of user defined fields.
  • Establish separate records to manage test standards. Test standards can be controlled for use with only specific instrument types with easy reverse traceability reporting.
  • Master instrument asset records allow multiple test groups for a single asset
  • Schedules can be based upon calendar or usage count
  • Performs all math functions and data verification – no human errors.
  • Calculations can accommodate varying accuracy statements or combinations (% of reading, range, +/- , manual). Signal associations can be linear, square root or manual.
  • Templates can be established, records can be copied, global change features allow groups of records to be modified at the same time.
  • Powerful reporting & advanced query functions
  • Data load from Excel spreadsheets
  • Bar code enabled
  • Data archive
  • Verifies in-tolerance conditions upon as-found, as-left data entry. Can be configured to allow automatic notification for non-compliance events.
  • Pass/fail tolerance conditions automatically change based upon actual field conditions
  • Open multiple calibration records simultaneously
  • Specific test routines are available for more complex systems, devices and equipment. More can be created to your exact specifications.
  • PM/Work order/Parts Inventory options
  • Check-in / Check-out shop administration
  • Over 80 standard reports. More can be added to your exact specifications
  • Generates calibration certificates and can auto print cal stickers
  • No need for MS Word docs or PDFs – WebView creates ad-hoc reports and certificates via secure web access
  • Mobile Workstations allow off-line access to the full program functionality (add new records, print certificates, print cal stickers, communicate with Fluke calibrators, etc.)
  • Unmatched compatibility with Fluke documenting calibrators
  • Available as ProCal Direct web accessible cloud version (SaaS)
  • ProCalDirect also works with Mobile Workstations and Fluke calibrators
  • Integrates with other applications
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Too many more features to mention!

Clients include: Government Ministries, Government Linked Companies, Fortune 500 Multi-National Companies and Small and Medium Industry clients.

* Life Science * Power * Chemical / Petrochemical * Gas Production * Custody Transfer * Food & Beverage * Pulp & Paper * Semiconductor * Transportation * Manufacturing Process * Hospitals * Universities * Military * Mining * Metals * Utlities * Municipal * R & D * Many Others *

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For assistance on ProCalV5 / ProCal Direct, please contact marketing@hillseducation.com.

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21 May 2017 - HEG and GIIM enter education collaboration to offer IT & Management Certificates in Malaysia and SEA.

01 June 2017- HEG and faculty from WSU enter into an exclusive partnership to offer the Hotel Business Management Training Simulation program in Southeast Asia.



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30 August 2016 - Transforming TVET in Malaysia

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