Hills Education Group has teamed up with the faculty from Washington State University (USA), Dr Dogan Gursoy and team, to offer HOTEL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING SIMULATION to hotels and hospitality learning institutions exclusively in Southeast Asia. Dr Dogan (WSU) and Arnez (HEG) have decades of years teaching experience in hospitality subjects and programs at tertiary and corporate levels.  

For institutions, the idea is to allow learners to put the concepts and theories learnt during their hospitality study into practice to get them ready for the working world.  For hotels and resorts, the idea is to allow management and staff to use the simulation as a brainstorming and management tool to assist in fine tuning business strategies to ensure a high level of efficiency and performance.  This simulation is currently being used at Hospitality Properties and Universities in the US and China.

The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation is a simulation used for hotel business management training and analysis. It is designed to help participants to develop problem identification, problem prioritizing, and problem solving skills; specifically the development of skills to understand and apply the cause and effect relationships between performance measures (effects) and their causes. It is also designed to enable participants to develop team building and teamwork skills by making participants act as a member of hotel management team. Each member of the team acts as the manager of a specific operational area of a hotel. This simulation enables the members of each management team to develop the ability to plan, analyze and apply market research and information systems knowledge for the strategic business planning process. It provides the skills to analyze the business situation, analytically think about the situation, and make evaluation and recommendations based on available information.

The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation simulates real competitive market conditions for hotel operations. It provides a virtual marketplace where a number of hotels compete against each others. At the beginning of the simulation, all competing hotels are exactly the same. Once management teams start making their operational decisions for their hotels, the Hotel Business Management Training Simulation utilizes both operational decisions made by the management team for their hotel and operational decisions made by competing hotels to determine demand and revenue for each hotel. Operational decisions includes, but not limited to, capital investment, operating expenditures, marketing expenditures and pricing strategies. The external factors such as day of the week, demand patterns, etc. are also factored in the simulation.

The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation enables participants to manage hotel in a competitive virtual environment without any financial risks. After making decisions, results are made available to all management teams so that they can see how their actions and their competitors’ actions impact the performance of their businesses. This simulation program provides invaluable training opportunities for managers and management trainees to improve their managerial and operational skills and efficiencies. It also provides great learning experiences to students who are studying hospitality business management.

For Information on The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation for your Hotel or Institution, please email cpd@hillseducation.com.  Thank you.

About the Faculty...

HEG Head, International  Hospitality Academics Director - Dr. Dogan Gursoy

<< www.hills.hotelsimulation.com >>

Dr. Dogan Gursoy is the Taco Bell Distinguished Professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management at Washington State University and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. His area of research includes services management, hospitality and tourism marketing, tourist behavior, travelers’ information search behavior, community support for tourism development, cross-cultural studies, consumer behavior, involvement and generational leadership. His research has been published broadly in refereed Tier I journals such as Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. He has also developed and designed the “Hotel Business Management Training Simulation” (http://www.hotelsimulation.com/), a virtual management training game where participants are divided into teams and assigned the task of running 500-room hotels in a competitive virtual marketplace.

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