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The certificate programs listed below will be granted an additional certification recognition from the Institute of Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).

Each GIIM-HEG Certificate will be comprised of 40 hours of class time to complete.  Programs can be delivered online, blended/hybrid mode (local institution) or face-to-face at a US affliate University.

The online mode requires learners to take 30 hours via our asynchronous (any-time-any-place) online learning platform.  The blended mode comprises of 30 hours online + 10 hours (Face-2-Face) contact hours, delivered by local mentors/facilitators from local Universities and institutions. 

Candidates can also apply for complete Masters Degrees from over 60 GIIM-HEG university affiliates, where 5-GIIM courses are applied towards the respective degree.  Please email cpd@hillseducation.com for more information.

GIIM-HEG faculty are from leading Universities in the US and around the world in concert with prominent practitioner executives by offering specialised content in the areas below.   Please click program title below for details.



The asynchronous online and blended programs include:

  1. Leadership in Business - IT Management (CIO Certification) 

The CIO Certification serves as a mini-MBA program that provides participants with the underlying competencies necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic business and technical environments, as IT becomes the business. The certificate also prepares candidates for being Certified from ICCP and in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT® ).  The 4 course CIO Certification is designed for the IT professional with 10+ years’ of experience who is moving up in their career. It is also an effective program for more senior level IT professionals that require important management and leadership skills, as well as the business (non-IT) professional looking to understand how to leverage their IT investment.

ICCP Certification

  1. IT for the Non-IT Executive (with ICCP Certification) 
  2. Cyber Security/IT Security Management (with ICCP Certification)
  3. Managing Data as an Asset (with ICCP Certification)
  4. Deploying Business Analytics  (with ICCP Certification)
  5. Business-IT Management Consulting (with ICCP Certification)


In addition to the above online/blended programs, the following are available face-to-face:


Executive Certificates

  1. IT in Industry 
  2. Managing IT-Vendors & Outsourcing (also for non-IT)
  3. Business-IT Management Consulting
  4. Business Process Management
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Managing IT Legal Issues
  7. IT Human Resource Considerations


Technical Leadership Certificates

  1. Managing Cloud Computing
  2. IT Infrastructure Integration
  3. Social Business / Networking, Mobile Computing
  4. Project Management
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Technology Enabled Learning
  7. IT Career Change


General Management Certificates

  1. Effective English Business Communications
  2. Executive (Non-IT) IT Marketing Certification (CMMP)
  3. IT Marketing Certification (CMMP)
  4. IT Business/Management Considerations (E.g. Finance, Organizational Behavior, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Leadership)

 For more information or partner with us to offer our certificates in Malaysia and/or Southeast Asia, please email cpd@hillseducation.com.  Thank you.

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7.  The Hotel Business Management Training Simulation

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