GIIM-HEG Certificates - FAQ

1.      What Institutions or Organisations will benefit from having GIIM-HEG Certificate programs?

a.      Public Universities, Private Universities, Industry and Management Associations, Training institutes (& Trainers) etc.


2.      What types of collaborations does GIIM-HEG offer?

a.     To collaborate with Universities and University Colleges to include our certificate programs in preferably Master's degree level in Information Technology and/or Computer Science. GIIIM programs are Masterís Degree level and would supplement what they learned as undergraduates.  This option is also viable for Degree level courses.  The benefit for the institution is that they will be offering content that is already recognised by top Universities globally while adding the specialisation areas on par with international standards.  This direction gives their graduates more visibility, advancement opportunities and an international professional status certification through ICCP.

b.   To collaborate with Industry & Management Associations, Training Institutes and Trainers to offer the GIIM-HEG certificates as standalone programs which has an international professional status certification through ICCP.


3.      Is there a price differentiation for public and private Universities? 

a.      No price differentiation.


4.      Does GIIM-HEG provide the learning content and e-platform to the University for their faculty and students?

a.      Faculty get free access to the learning platform but not if they want the certificate and certification.

b.      Faculty will be provided with guidance if they are facilitating/mentoring the class discussions and projects so there really is not much content.


5.      Will we be providing training to the University faculty to take on the blended learning component of each of the certificates?

a.      It depends on the background/expertise and time required.  If they are experienced facilitators & mentors and somewhat familiar with the topic/content, it will require minimum time and not cost them anything.


6.      Will the faculty be required to do any teaching or facilitating if using the online mode?

a.      The Universities need not handle teaching or facilitating in the online platform mode. 


7.      Will the University facilitate any face to face / classroom sessions?

a.      The University will only facilitate the 10-hour face-2-face sessions in the Blended Learning mode.


8.      The University will award the degree to their graduates but will also get a GIIM-HEG certificate + an ICCP Certification.  They would have to pay a small fee for the ICCP certification. 


a.      The 5 GIIM-HEG courses (15 Credits) will get graduates 5 course exemptions at US Universities for IT Master's Degree.  If you plan on having candidates take a Masters (MBA or MS) with one of our affiliate universities, the students will take 5 GIIM courses along with the university courses (usually f2f on the university campus; albeit we could arrange an online Masters too.  We require groups of at least 15 students.   To complete a Masters in Information Technology, learners are required to attain 48 Credits on campus with our US University Affiliate.    

b.      Why would learners want to take a GIIM-HEG Certificate?

                                          i.     Cost savings

                                         ii.     Time savings

                                        iii.     Recognition by US and Global Universities

                                        iv.     Professional Recognition

                                         v.     The ICCP Certification is for global recognition and especially useful if the graduate wants to go to the US on a O-1 Visa.


9.      How are assessments marked?

a.      Assessments are marked through the learning portal for Online mode.

b.      Assessments are marked by local faculty for blended learning mode.  For f2f the students will do projects, including a final project. 

c.      GIIM will grade/mark the papers for the 40-hour f2f courses and the online system would automatically mark the multiple-choice exams for the asynchronous courses.

d.      Quality assurance will be handled by GIIM-HEG.


10.   Can a learner apply the course inserted into Bachelor degree for MBA exemptions?

a.      We cannot apply course that were included in the Bachelorís Degree in the Masterís Degree. 


What is the duration?

1.      For 1 Certificate

a.      Each certificate consists of 4 courses.

b.     Each course requires 40 hours of study.  Each asynchronous online course is about 30-1-hour modules, plus the additional 10-hours (only relevant in blended learning) of supplemental f2f done by local faculty.

c.     Total time of learning for each certificate is up to 160 hours per certificate.


2.      If the 5 GIIM courses are included as part of a Bachelorís Degree they will NOT be able to be applied towards the Masterís Degree.  Only 4 GIIM Courses are required to obtain 1 GIIM-HEG Certificate.


3.      Degree courses cannot be double counted. Noted  Hence the 5 GIIM courses can be standalone certificate courses or applied towards a Bachelors or applied towards a Masters. 

a.      Each certificate consists of 4 courses requiring 40 hours each.

b.      Total number of courses is 4 for the certificate. Total time of learning for 4 courses 4 x 40 = 160 hours; albeit there should be some time (course break) between each course.

c.   If applied towards a Masters (or Bachelors) Degree, total number of courses required is 5.  Total time of learning for 5 courses 5 x 40 hours = 200 hours; albeit there should be some time (course break) between each course..


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