The Benefits of E-Learning


All employers are familiar with this situation. Thereís a training course that you need to put your staff through, but itís proving impossible to find a time that works for every member of your team. Often, this can lead to inconvenient compromises made in order to conduct a course and can put a roadblock on actually moving forward with training.

So, whatís a good way to get around this? Increasingly, employers are turning to the online sector to find innovative solutions to their training needs. The most common form is e-learning.

What is e-learning?  

E-learning is the use of technological processes to access learning material outside of a traditional classroom or office. E-learning is also often referred to as online learning or web-based training.

E-learning is currently a multi-billion dollar industry. This growth in the industry is due to the fact that e-learning provides an innovative and convenient option for organizations and businesses across a whole range of sectors.

The rise of customized e-learning

One of the reasons that the e-learning sector has grown so quickly, and so effectively, is due to the growing influence of the internet in peoples' lives. What this has also meant is that there has been a dramatic rise in e-learning services. These services allow you to design training that fits the specific needs of a corporation or organization. This can be particularly helpful if your work falls into a niche area, encompasses distinct but separate skill sets, or if youíre trying to hit a specific performance goal.

Customized e-learning allows businesses to design an e-learning course that specifically meets their needs. In doing so, managers are able to get right to the crux of the areas that they need their teams to address, providing them with exposure to the skills, knowledge and techniques that will allow them to excel in their work. E-learning is also a very popular option for training courses that are required by law, such as health and safety and display screen equipment.

The importance of self-pacing

One of the greatest advantages of e-learning is the ability that it gives staff to self-pace their learning.  Research has shown that by giving employees who are undergoing training the ability to self-pace their learning increases the level of skill retention in those who have undergone the training. Self-pacing also ensures that your team can move at a speed that is compatible with their busy schedules, allowing them to go about their day-to-day routine while fitting in the training at a convenient moment.

The time and cost saving benefit

Another of the advantages of e-learning is the ability to save time and cost in organising training.  For companies with offices and branches in more than one location, organising the logistics to get people together, providing accommodation, transport, meals etc...can be very challenging.  In doing so, productivity is also lowered due to taking time off and travelling.  E-Learning eliminates the need to travel and arrange resources which can in fact cost time and money.  Employees can access the learning materials from the comfort of their home or office and complete the training task assigned by the company at their own pace.

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